How to Start LBVR Business Easily and Effectively with 9D VR Chair

Virtual reality is the latest trend in out-of-home entertainment, which offers a fantasy world to explore at our leisures and a place for the next generations to have fun together.
Different profiles are investing in the opening of LBVR (location-based virtual reality), from game enthusiasts, entertainment owners or operators to serial entrepreneurs, and all wish to develop offers in this booming market.We will try to provide you with a starting point on this page.

There are many different equipments to choose, but which type is good to start with? As we can see, these VR simulators inside a dedicated place, such as a shopping mall, usually provide the first virtual reality experience for many people.

VR simulators, categorized as seated VR, are more interactive and get people entertained in a more immersive way compared with a single VR headset. When the players sit on it, they scream, yell and laugh. 

9D VR motion chairs have been one of the most popular seated VR for years, and it is usually the first choice of equipments to start LBVR business at various public places or fun venues. 

What is a 9D VR motion chair?

9D VR is a latest technology that brings a VR theater consisting of 360° VR headsets, interactive motion seats, VR movies or shooting games. It provides lots of fun for people of all ages. 

VR has always been about being transported to another world and doing things we could not imagine in our wildest dreams. It lets us soar through the sky, explore the world of dinosaurs, gear up for some extreme zombie slaying and countless other things.

VR motion chairs bring these fun moments that let you lose yourself in an entire new world. Not like traditional games often in small bursts, the immersive experience provided by VR is so amazing that it is hard to express unless you try it yourself. 

You can watch a 9D VR movie, eg. thrillers, roller coaster rides, dinosaurs, with the vibration effect and 360 degree of immersive viewing, all of which is far beyond watching a movie on a 50-foot wide screen, or playing a game on your phone or PC.

With shooting sticks, you can also playing interactive shooting games such as Future Terminator or Zombie Land. VR motion Chairs offer a unique immersive experience with over 30 exclusive games eg. The Jurassic Park, Spiral Mountain, satisfying people for all ages, adults, teenagers or kids.

Cost-effective investment, easy operation

Big growth can come in small footprints and 9D VR motion chairs are the products that embrace this trend. The two-seater 9D VR motion chairs are the most popular choice. VR Panda is a new product just released this March with an exclusive design of panda. It is also equipped with a lightweight VR headset ShallxR 3 to improve its user experience.

The two-seater type is about 2 meters long and 1.2 meters wide, only covering an area of about 3 square meters, and here we have calculated the business operation data for your reference:

What's important is that it is really easy to operate the VR chairs with the system provided. Everything you need to know is so simple, and don't get daunted in front of this new technology.

Most of the time, new owner or operator do not have much knowledge of VR, but with the simple interface and touchpad, you just need to swipe and select. And the system also records operation data, calculating the number of players and income with password setting.You can also choose a coin-operated version with no attendants needed.

Which venue could be a good fit to start?

A 9D VR motion chair is really a flexible choice to start your LBVR business. For most entrepreneurs who want to find a project with potential to make money, shopping malls are the very common choices of places where they start LBVR business.

For venues like amusement parks, family entertainment centers, arcades, a 9D VR motion chair is also a good start for owners or operators. Together with other types of VR simulators, such as VR multiplayer, VR racing, it is a basic 9D VR product to set up a VR zone at a larger scale. 

This really depends on how you want to start, how much budget you have or what you plan to do. If you have a small budget less than $20,000, we suggest you start at a small scale and make the VR motion chair a cash cow first.

If you have a bigger plan for a VR center, and then VR chair is a must-have since it satisfies customers of all ages. 

Where To Get a 9D VR motion chair?

Now that you are aware of this amazing 9D VR MOTION CHAIR, and here is how to get one:

Order the ShallxR VR Panda from the official website for best price.

It’s As Simple As That!

Contact our salesperson for more details on your order
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