New! Magic Heart, First Unattended Haunted VR Attraction

Take the role of a psychologist,you got a magic book and accidentally discovered that with the book you could enter the minds of others. So you and your assistant set up a psycho clinic to soothe wounded souls, and that day came the first patient....

ShallxR has created the first unattended haunted VR attraction Magic Heart to fun venues as arcade, family entertainment center and theme park.  It is an attractive and practical cabinet that provides a high quality and exciting haunted VR experience for both first-time users and experienced enthusiasts.

With the eye-catching Magic Ride, premium 4K VR headsets, and exclusive haunted VR shooting games, it provides 6DoF full-motion gaming experience empowered by the VR motion system with cutting-edge motion base technology. It covers an area of only 4.5 sqm, and each seat is monetized for maximum revenue potential, and the unique audience-facing cabinet generates crowds!

Magic Heart brings a horror adventure with interactive shooting for 1 or 2 players and there are over 15 different levels of gaming for players to get through. Perfectly acting as the game-changing attraction in entertainment centers, it transports your guests into the immersive world of virtual reality, where they will get a mind-blowing experience.

Take the opportunity to give all of your guests a dynamic and interactive immersive experience surrounded by haunted atmosphere and finally you can let them be the protagonist of the battle against demons and the much brighter future of human being.Pull the trigger to shoot in the dark thrilling scene with gun-styled controllers, and keep feeding coins, revive and continue to reach the next levels.


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