The immersive arcade VR FPS game Galactic Rangers VR is coming to ShallxR Library

Galactic Rangers VR is an immersive space battle in virtual reality developed by indie studio DGMA. It is an action first-person shooter (FPS) designed for that arcade feel, placing you in the deepest recesses of space to do one thing, shoot at everything. ShallxR is in collaboration with DGMA to bring this exciting experience to more location-based entertainment venues. 

For centuries Galactic Rangers have been protecting the Galaxy. Lately, mysterious Space Cybernetic Invaders have threatened the frontier worlds. The story goes that Galactic Rangers help protect the galaxy against any dangerous threats. Like other Galactic Rangers, you were ordered to go to defend the borders from an unknown threat!

Players take the role of Galactic Ranger who is armed with a pair of top-notch blasters, shields and some really cool abilities like, for an example, time freezing.

The game puts users in the shoes of one-of-a-kind savior of the Galaxy, who has to deal with evil space pirates, shoot a lot, dodge asteroids and debris and even jump as you progress. Like every classic arcade shooter, it’s easy to learn and tricky to master.

Game features:
– Easy to jump in wave-FPS
– Realistic and colourful graphics
– Tons of enemies you have to blast through
– Fast-paced action
– The story unfolds as you progress in the game
– Tons of fun, shooting and dodging as you blast off the enemies
– Cool gadgets and bonuses – super shield and time dilation
– Awesome music score to help you get through the enemies

Recommended ShallxR VR attractions for the game are the shooting types, such as VR Espace Shooting SimulatorVR Shooting Arena.


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