New! VR Star Destroyer, Experiencing Zero Gravity Together

VR Star Destroyer is the industry’s first 360º rotating VR attraction for multiplayer to experience zero gravity in immersive gaming, built from the ground up by ShallxR.

Compared with the other 4 or 6 seated VR attractions for immersive gaming, it provides an even more exciting gaming experience empowered by the novelty of VR motion system. 

It is perfectly acts as the game-changing attraction in entertainment centers and transports your guests into the immersive world of virtual reality, where they will get a mind-blowing experience.

Each seat is monetized for maximum revenue potential, and the novelty attracts big crowds.

Innovative motion structure brings an exclusive experience

The VR Motion Base system developed by ShallxR plays such a big role in the immersion and engagement of the exclusive VR experience. The motion system is characterized with its innovative 360º rotating and patented crank structure, empowered by aerospace weightlessness simulation technology.

360º rotation brings a real challenge, the excitement of zero gravity, and a new level of immersion, creating new adventure with replay value.

The most appropriate product to choose with a limited budget

The problem that many customers for the first time to do VR business encountered is that there are so many different kinds of VR products like Immersive VR cinema, VR shooting, VR racing and other different series, what product should be selected as an entry investment and can quickly return to capital? Especially in the case of limited budget and space.

VR Star Destroyer is a new product we highly recommend to you:

It has rich game contents with exclusive copyright, covering a wide range of people. There are roller coasters, shooting interactive games, horror and other different thematic content, more than 20pcs for the different groups of children, young people, adults.

The motion base system brings a much more realistic and immersive experience.

The immersion reaches a new level with different effects: 360 degree rotating effect for up to 5 players together, plus the other effects as vibrating butt, vibrating back, leg sweeping and blowing wind. Combined with exclusive custom high-definition content, immersive virtual reality experience results in higher customer satisfaction, which in turn generates recurring business and higher profitability for a successful VR business.

Small footprint but fast-revenue.

It only need 13 sqm,  and with a novelty of gaming experience, it attracts a bigger crowd and higher charges can be given to the product than the others. 

(USD$10/per person, 5 persons/once, 5 times/per hour)

If you are interested in learning about more details please contact us. We are recruiting agents around the world!

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