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ShallxR leading technologies

Leading Technologies

VR headsets with clear image quality, a motion control technology that reduces motion sickness, and a solid basis provided by vertical supply chain integration.

Our capabilities

The long-term focus in the VR field, profound technical accumulation and manufacturing capability are the key advantages based on which we have developed VR headsets and VR attractions that are unprecedentedly clear, comfortable and stable.

ShallxR product innovation


A VR product team with 7 years of technological accumulation.

ShallxR reliable manufacturer


Leading technologies with over 200 patents to create the best products.

ShallxR leading technologies

supply chain

Vertically integrated, ensuring stable output of high-quality products.

pancake optics

Our VR headsets with pancake optical technology provide you with 3200*1600 high resolution, while reducing the volume by 50% and the weight by 70%.

prevention of motion sickness

The original opto-mechanical-electro and software synchronization technology alleviates the dizziness problem of VR equipment by 400%, ensuring a splendid immersive view.

ShallxR motion control technology

Control technology

With the innovative motion control technology, the device runs more smoothly and naturally, providing a more realistic immersive gaming experience. The simple structure ensures it running for over one million hours without failures.

manufacturing capacity

A production and R&D base of over 30,000 square meter ensures a production capacity of 1,000pcs per month.

ShallxR more than 200 patents

over 200 patents

Including invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents, software copyrights, items registration rights, and registered trademark rights.

high quality control

Our products have passed high level of quality tests, such as SGS, CE and RoHs with ISO9001 standard and 5S factory management.

ShallxR high quality control
ShallxR VR simulator manufacturing
ShallxR VR simulator manufacturing
ShallxR VR simulator manufacturing
ShallxR VR simulator manufacturing

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